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Rebecca & Kegan Mullen

Professional Trainers and Instructors

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Rebecca and Kegan Mullen

As professional horse Trainers and instructor , we have become well-known and respected throughout the Northern New Mexico area.

Our family dynamic is based on the foundation of honesty, respect, balance; and the strength that comes from these. We have carried those foundational priorities into our teaching and training of horses and riders.

Rebecca was able to learn under some of the best of the international equine athletes. Using this knowledge, we have been able to develop our own unique and effective teaching and training methods that benefit both horse and rider.


Amy Anderson

"Riding lessons at Mullen's Equestrian has been life changing for my daughter. Not only does she learn to ride, but she is learning self-confidence, and how to face her fears. Rebecca has taken the time to get to know my daughter, and is sensitive and intuitive about her needs in learning balance both on the horse and in life! We are so happy we found Mullen's Equestrian!"

Cherie Young

"I have loved and been around horses most my life. I have ridden many horses and even trained a few of my own. I have taken lessons from different teachers. But after observing how Rebecca teaches her students and trains her horses I decided to take lessons from her. After one lesson I learned more than in all my previous years of riding. I was able to see instant connection and response. Rebecca is  a phenomenal teacher."

Cynthia Ann

"I would like to thank Mr.Kegan owner and riding instructor of the Mullens Equestrian Services here in Bloomfield NM. My 7 and 5 year old sons have been taking riding lessons every week and I can not compliment him enough! He is amazing in what he does. My boys are excited to learn and ride every weekend. For myself as a mother I am amazed at how far they have come in their horsemanship in such short a time. I am definitely one proud mother! I am excited to have found such an amazing duo of instructors, thank you Kegan and Rebecca Mullen!!"


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